Murder, She Wrote

30 September 1984:

Universal presents the pilot episode of Murder, She Wrote on CBS.

30 September 2004: presents the Murder, She Wrote 20th Anniversary Fan Page.


Angela Lansbury as Jessica Beatrice Fletcher on "Murder, She Wrote"


Starting on Sunday, the 30th of September, 1984 with the 2-hour pilot episode
"The Murder of Sherlock Holmes", the series brought us

20 years of excitement
12 seasons of a weekly whodunit
261 clever tales
4 TV movies

but most of all

the acquaintance with a friendly and kind woman
a remarkable individual
a compassionate and down-to-earth heroine
a world-famous novelist
an engaging sleuth
with a knack for solving real-life crimes



After 12 seasons, 264 episodes, and a record 9 consecutive years as the number 1 drama, it'll be murder without you, Jessica.



And now we can enjoy watching the episodes of this wonderful series on Universal DVD!

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