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Angela Lansbury's Family:
Deirdre Angela Shaw

Deirdre Angela Shaw, the first daughter of Angela Lansbury and Peter Shaw, was born at the Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital on April 26, 1953.

Even if is a tribute to the greatest actress in the world (you know who we're talking about!), we are pleased to let all her fans know something about her family too... and her daughter is, for sure, one of the most important members of it!!!

Actually Angela's daughter is experiencing a happy life with her Italian husband Enzo Battarra; they have been the managers of the delightful Ristorante Positano in the Los Angeles area (closed in the year 2005) and, since 19 December 2005, of the Enzo and Angela - The Italian Restaurant.

Angela & Enzo:

Angela & Enzo Battarra
Photo courtesy of Deirdre Angela Shaw Battarra. Published with permission.

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