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Murder, She Wrote

Ruth Roman
Loretta Spiegel

Ruth Roman began her movie career in the 1940s; she acted in her best movies while working at Warner Bros. in the 1950s.

She played Loretta Spiegel in only the next three episodes: "If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly" (episode no. 73 - 11/08/1987), "The Sins Of Castle Cove" (episode no. 105 - 04/09/1989) and "Town Father" (episode no. 121 - 12/17/1989). For further info about these episodes see the Episode Guide Go to the "Episode Guide"......

Even she doesn't appear so often, she can be consider a great character, especially for her role in one of the three episodes, "If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly", her first episode.

"Every small town has its favored hangouts. For the middle-aged women of Cabot Cove it is Loretta Spiegel's beauty shop, where a customer's hair may sooner curl from blunt gossip than from a permanent wave solutions. Now established as the center of all news and rumors in Cabot Cove, the shop and its colorful habitués would be featured in future installments".
Text taken from "The Unofficial Murder, She Wrote Casebook". Written by James Robert Parish. Published in 1997 by Kensigton Books.
© Copyright 1997 by James Robert Parish.