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Angela Lansbury's Family:
Peter Shaw
(Peter Pullen)

Peter Shaw (Peter Pullen) was born in London (UK) on June 24, 1918. Raised in London, he served in the British Army during World War II. After the war he moved to the States and signed a contract with MGM Studios.
Peter met Angela thanks to Hurd Hatfield, an actor who invited Angela to a weekend party at a friend's house in the Ojai Valley. She didn't know how getting there and Hurd "sent" Peter taking her.
He married Angela Lansbury on August 12, 1949 in London (UK), St. Columbia's Church, after they won approval from the Church of Scotland (both Peter and Angela were divorced).

Angela Lansbury and Peter Shaw
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Their first son, Anthony Peter Shaw, was born on January 7, 1952 in their home in Encino (San Fernando Valley). One year later, on April 26, 1953, at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, they had a daughter, Deirdre Angela Shaw. In the 1950s, Peter won custody of his son, David, and then he and Angela agreed that the time had come to bring over the ten-year-old boy. David was born in 1944, while Peter was still married with Mercia Squires, a model he knew in London.
In the States he worked for the William Morris Agency and MGM Productions. Later he launched Corymore Productions at the Universal Studios with his sons.
Among the other projects, the company co-produced the long-running hit series Murder, She Wrote.
After 54 happy years with Angela, he died of congestive heart failure at home in Los Angeles on January 29, 2003.