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"Once Mary Martin had turned down the title role in Mame, some 40 other actresses had to be eliminated before the part went to Angela Lansbury - who quickly established herself as one of the reigning queens of Broadway." [Stanley Green]

Mame (1966)

Mame was launched on Broadway on May 24, 1966.
For this musical, Angela won a Tony Award as the best musical actress of the year.

She played Mame for 418 performances and then took the show on a national tour.

Book by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. Based on the novel by Patrick Dennis and the play Auntie Mame by Lawrence and Lee.

Martin Gottfried (*) wrote: "It was at the Winter Garden Theatre, where Mame was playing previews, that Angela finally got to have a star dressing room on Broadway.".
This shows how Mame brings fame to Angela: it was the great musical for the GREATEST actress!
She conquered Broadway in the part of a great, vivacious force of nature: this is one of the classic tales of show business, and Gottfried recounts its drama in rich detail.


Mame - Song list:
St. Bridget
It's Today
It's Today (Reprise #1)
Open A New Window
The Moon Song
My Best Girl
We Need A Little Christmas
We Need A Little Christmas (Reprise)
The Fox Hunt
Finale - Act I
Opening Act II
My Best Girl (Reprise)
Bosom Buddies
Bosom Buddies (Reprise)
Gooch's Song
That's How Young I Feel
If He Walked Into My Life
It's Today (Reprise #2)
Finale - Act II

Music and lyrics by Jerry Herman.

Directed by Gene Saks.

Opened at the Winter Garden Theatre, New York City, on May 24, 1966

Angela Lansbury as Mame Dennis.
Beatrice Arthur, Jane Connell, Willard Waterman, Frankie Michaels, Sab Shimono, Charles Braswell, Jerry Lanning, George Coe, Diana Walker, John C. Becher, Johanna Douglas, Diana Coupe.

Tony Awards won 1966:
Actress (Musical): Angela Lansbury
Actor, Supporting or Featured (Musical): Frankie Michaels
Actress, Supporting or Featured (Musical): Beatrice Arthur

Director (Musical): Gene Saks
Musical: Jerome Lawrence
Musical: Robert E. Lee
Musical: Jerry Herman
Composer and Lyricist: Jerry Herman
Scenic Designer: William Eckart
Scenic Designer: Jean Eckart
Coreographer: Onna White


The musical:
A genteel woman is forced to take a nine-to-five job to pay the bills and is humiliated at being dismissed because of incompetence. Mame, rendered penniless by the 1929 stock market crash, tries one job after another with catastrophic results until she meets and marries the wealthy Beauregard Jackson Picket Burnside. [...]

[ Find out more about Mame reading "Angela Lansbury: A Life on Stage and Screen", written by Rob Edelman and Audrey E. Kupferberg ]


A cover of Life Magazine: The success of "Mame"!


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