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Murder, She Wrote

CBS Logo Murder, She Wrote: the best mystery series in the world began in 1984 (the pilot was the two hour episode The Murder of Sherlock Holmes) on CBS and finished in 1996 with the 60 minutes episode Death by Demographics.



At the moment CBS doesn't broadcast the series again, but if you wanna watch it daily, you can do it thanks to A&E. Explore the A&E TV web-site for further information..... Go to the "A&E Television" website......


RAI logo - RadioTelevisione Italiana In Italy the Murder, She Wrote series have been broadcasted by the RAI (Italian Broadcasting Company) on Rai 1, and it was named "Murder, She Wrote - La Signora In Giallo", becoming one of the most popular TV shows in Italy. And in 1999 Angela was awarded a special prize during the annual show for the Italian Oscars for Television.

Rai 1 logo - RAI (Italy)


Angela as Jessica Beatrice Fletcher in "Murder, She Wrote"
(Picture taken from the Raiuno web-site:

[Balancing Act - The Authorized Biography of Angela Lansbury written by Martin Gottfried. Copyright 1999 by Martin Gottfried. All Rights Reserved.]

It begins with a series of preview clips after which, as the theme music starts, there is a close-up of an old desk typewriter. A sheet of blank paper is rolled into it. The word "Murder" appeares to the clacking of the keys. While the music continues, there is a succession of shots of Lansbury, first on a bicycle, waving; then near a harbor, ready to go fishing in a yellow slicker, with a box of bait at her side; then, gardening in jeans, a sun hat, and a flannel shirt. Finally, the typewriter and the sheet of paper are seen again, as "She Wrote" is typed.


After the first 2-hour episode "The Murder Of Sherlock Holmes", which got a top-ten audience rating, Variety reported: "Thanks to Lansbury's polished performance, it did not become the Americanized Miss Marple vehicle it threatened to be... The script's nicest touch was in having a menacing young black on a bus out to be a Lansbury fan in time to save her from a couple of punks on a dimly lit Manhattan street".